This workshop introduces participants to arts-informed teaching within professional education. Relying on preliminary findings of a research study, the workshop opens a space to discuss how arts-informed classroom activities allow educators to have conversations with their students about reflexivity,  inclusion, social justice, and critically engaged professional practice.


Yahya El-Lahib

Yahya El-Lahib is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Work. As a long time disability rights activist, Dr. El-Lahib’s research brings critical transnational dimensions to social work. His research, practice, and policy background has centred on disability issues at all levels of intervention. His current research examines dsability and displacement; as well as critical pedagogical practices in social work education.

Samantha Wehbi

Samantha Wehbi is Professor of Social Work and Teaching Chair for the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University. She brings to her academic work a background in social justice activism; her areas of research and practice have focused on international issues and grassroots community organizing in Canada and abroad. These themes inform her artistic practice and publications which explore experiential and arts-informed approaches to teaching and learning.

Ganna Zakharova

Ganna Zakharova is an international MSW student at the University of Calgary. Ganna has an MA degree in International Studies (USA), and several years of work experience with the UNDP in Ukraine. She worked in rural community development, youth development and social cohesion projects in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. She is a graduate RA on the research project discussed in this presentation.

Jordyn Perreault-Laird

As an undergraduate student at Ryerson’s School of Social Work, Jordyn’s research focusses on arts-informed approaches, precarious employment, and policy studies. Jordyn situates her practice at the intersection of policy and activism, bringing to her work a keen interest in exploring the lived experiences of structural factors on service users. She is the undergraduate RA on the research project discussed in this presentation.