This session will present   findings from a small narrative study on the motivating factors present when   a partner teacher chooses to mentor a pre-service teacher.  Second, it will also highlight the power of   conversation between institutions and the unanticipated formation of a   multi-institution community of practice.



Laurie Hill

Laurie Hill, PhD is an Assistant Professor, Education and Coordinator of Field Experience at St. Mary’s University. Her research interests include the connections between teacher education on campus coursework and practicum experiences. She is interested in pre-service teacher professional identity, student transitions, and learning environments that support undergraduate student success.


Amy Burns

Dr. Amy Burns is a faculty member and the Director of Field Experience with the Werklund School of Education.  Her research interests include non-traditional educational environments and the effects of policy on educational reform.  Her primary areas of focus are pre-service teacher education and educational leadership.


Kathryn Crawford

Kathryn Crawford, M.Ed. is a sessional instructor and the Director of Field Experience with Ambrose University. Her research interests include partner teacher participation in pre-service teacher preparation and pre-service teacher professional inquiry. Her current research explores factors that motivate or deter partner teacher participation in teacher preparation.


Patricia Danyluk

Dr. Patricia Danyluk spent her early career working with remote First Nations and Métis communities. Before joining the Werklund School of Education in 2014 she was employed with Laurentian University in northern Ontario. Patricia is currently the Director of Field Experience for the Community Based Bachelor of Education.