Student engagement can be defined as “students’ involvement with activities and conditions likely to generate high-quality learning” (Weimer, 2012). During this ‘world-cafe’ influenced unconference session, participants will engage with other post-secondary educators to further explore student engagement and take away strategies to foster student engagement in their classrooms.



Frances Kalu

Frances Kalu is a Curriculum Development Specialist at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary. She works with faculties as they engage in curriculum development and reviews at the University. She is also part of the team leading the ‘Fostering Student Engagement’ initiative at the Taylor Institute.


Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is the manager of the Learning and Instructional Design group at the Educational Development Unit, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning In his role he designs online, flipped, and face-to-face courses that engage students and create deep learning experiences in an authentic way.