High-impact practices are activities that enhance student engagement and deepen learning. In this session we brainstorm ideas and best practices around the high-impact activity of collaborative assignments/projects. Participants will discuss both formal (graded) and informal (non-graded) collaborative work.



Nahum Arguera

Nahum Arguera works as a research analyst in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Nahum conducts quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and collaborates with educational leaders to interpret and discuss data from the National Survey of Student Engagement. Nahum also provides assistance with program evaluation and curriculum review processes.


Patti Dyjur

Patti Dyjur is a curriculum development specialist with the University of Calgary. She works with faculties and departments as they map, review, and assess their programs to identify strengths and areas for improvement, which she finds to be interesting and challenging work. Currently, she supports more than two dozen groups that are undergoing review.