Authentic conversations, allowed in a safe environment, matter the most when they are scaffolded by effective teaching activities and assessed effectively. We will discuss a process learning model “learning-science-by-doing-science” which drives the students through authentic research experience, whereas the process rather than the endpoints is discussed and evaluated.



Hagar Ibrahim Labouta

Dr. Hagar Labouta is a Teaching-Postdoctoral Associate at the Nanoscience Program, University of Calgary. She got her PhD in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, University of Saarland, Germany. She currently focuses on pedagogical evaluation and curricula mapping of the Undergraduate Nanoscience Program. Her other research interests include cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of nanoparticles.


Rui Li

Rui Li is a PhD candidate at the Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary. She got her MSc from University of Victoria. Her research focus is protein corona in biological systems.


Natasha Kenny

Dr. Natasha Kenny is the Director of Educational Development at Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, where she collaborates with EDU members and colleagues across university to plan programs and initiatives building teaching and learning capacity. Dr. Natasha has an interdisciplinary academic background in educational development, environmental science and landscape architecture.


Leslie Reid

Dr. Leslie Reid is a Tamaratt Teaching Professor at the Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary. She has long experience developing, teaching and evaluating innovative undergraduate science courses.


David Cramb

Dr. Cramb is the Head of Department of Chemistry, Director of the Nanoscience program and a Fellow of the Canadian Chemical Society. Dr Cramb is interested in the application of nanotechnology to biomedicine. He developed unique sophisticated fluorescence correlation spectroscopy technology and was awarded the Thermo-Fisher Prize in Spectroscopy (2010).