This session presents research findings from a two-year ethnographic study of a scholarship of teaching and learning inquiry into student engagement in an online doctoral research course that includes purposefully designed cycles of less formal auditory   synchronous discussions with more formal text-based asynchronous discussions.



Michele Jacobsen

Michele Jacobsen is Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Werklund School of Education. Michele’s current research includes the design of participatory learning environments that sponsor knowledge building and intellectual engagement, interdisciplinary approaches to peer mentoring for strong transitions to graduate school, and complex adaptive learning systems in high schools.


Gale Parchoma

Gale Parchoma is an associate professor in the Curriculum Studies department at the University of Saskatchewan. Her teaching areas are focused on educational technology and design. Her research focuses on design thinking and socio-material teaching and learning practices.


Marlon Simmons

Marlon Simmons is an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education. His research interests include communicative network practices of youth and issues of governance of the self in the context of educational research and conventional institutions of schooling.


Dorothea Nelson

Dorothea Nelson is a PhD student at the University of Calgary, pursuing her degree in Education Technology. Her research interests include participatory action research, networked learning, the community of inquiry framework, third space, transcultural learning, and culturally sensitive course design.


Shaily Bhola

Shaily Bhola is a PhD student in the Learning Sciences at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Her research interests include collaborative learning, threshold concepts and conceptual development of chemistry at the post-secondary level.