Formative feedback is   an intentional, voluntary, developmental strategy, and a conversation that   matters for instructors to receive information about their teaching to better   understand and improve student learning. Fun   with Formative Feedback is an interactive resource designed to experience   and explore the CARRA Model of Formative Feedback for Teaching Development.



Ykje Piera

Ykje Piera, MEDes, is a learning technologies specialist, experienced teacher in higher education, and a PhD student in Environmental Design. She facilitates the use of technologies to enhance learning and teaching through working collaboratively and in consultation with faculty, students, staff, and administrators at the University of Calgary. Areas of special interest are design-based learning in higher education, user interface design, and the use of innovative technologies to enhance learning.


Cheryl Jeffs

Cheryl Jeffs, EdD, is an educational development consultant and faculty   member at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, the University of   Calgary. Cheryl is committed to excellence in teaching and learning through a   range of research-informed educational programs and initiatives, workshops,   consultations, and collaborative projects. With a diverse background in   professional and educational development, and adult education, Cheryl’s   research interests include the scholarship of educational development, and   graduate student development.