A self-regulating profession, such as nursing, holds its members accountable to the public it serves for the continuous development of the   competencies they profess to hold. A component of competence is lifelong learning and can be evidenced through   certification. Strategies used by educators to support professional certification through a lifelong learning approach are described.



Sandra Hirst

Sandra P. Hirst RN, PhD, GNC(C) is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing. She has a commitment to professional certification for registered nurses.  She has won a number of national and international words specific to her work with health care professionals and older adults.


Carole Lynne LeNavenec

Carole-Lynne Le Navenec (RN, PhD) is an Associate Professor Emerita at the University of Calgary, and Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship. Her research program focuses on the use of music and the creative arts for promoting health and well-being for older families.