We are supporting students to more intentionally focus on soft skill development and tracking through the Haskayne Guided Path System™. This important new tool at Haskayne allows students to self-assess, gain insight into areas for targeted growth, and connect to extra-curricular opportunities. We will share early results our onboarding investigation.



Jennifer Krahn

Jenny is Director of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business, focused on student development, research, and community connections. She engages with many students, including teaching in MBA, EMBA, and GeEMBA programs. She is passionate about creating an environment that enables growth in the next generations of leaders.


Rita Egizii

Rita is a doctoral student with an eclectic background which includes neuroscience, business, arts and education. Her research is exploring the entrepreneurial mindset as a framework for transforming pedagogical practice. A published author, scholar, and social innovator, Rita is passionate about the role of educators in developing our future leaders.


Peggy Hedges

Teaching Professor and Teaching Fellow, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Peggy teaches in the areas of Finance and Strategy. Her research interests include classroom and pedagogy techniques, small business financing, alternative funding for defined benefit pension plans and risk analysis of catastrophic bonds.


Norman Althouse

Norm is a Senior Instructor and Teaching Fellow at the Haskayne School of Business. He teaches in a range of programs, from first year undergraduates through EMBAs. His research interests include team building, mentorship, student learning, and managerial decision-making. Norm has presented professional workshops and conferences.


Joan Bassett

Joan is the Program Coordinator for the Haskayne GPS™, a leadership development program for students in the Haskayne School of Business.  Her background includes teaching communication for over fifteen years to adults and post-secondary students, as well as coaching individuals on life, career, and leadership issues.