A type of team dynamic in multidisciplinary learning environments is group conformity, whereby an individual changes own behavior to match responses of others. Participants will learn feedback strategies from simulation in addition to a Scripted Communication   Schema to teach learners how to manage group pressure in different teaching contexts and modalities.



Ghazwan Altabbaa

Dr. Ghazwan Altabbaa is a physician in Internal Medicine and Clinical Simulation director for Internal Medicine residency program. He is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and has experience as a medial educator with interest in interprofessional learning and education, instructional design, and assessment of competency.

Laura Pratt

Ms. Laura Pratt is registered nurse at the Rockyview General Hospital. She is one of the simulation educators for the Internal Medicine residency program with focus on interprofessional education. She routinely participates in designing simulation sessions for residents, medical students, RNS and RN students.

Alyshah Kaba

Dr. Alyshah Kaba is currently the Provincial Lead Research Scientist for Simulation and Education in the Department of Quality Healthcare Improvement (QHI) within Alberta Health Services (AHS).  Dr. Kaba has had a breadth of local, national and international experience as a medical educator in curricular design, instructional methods, measurement, assessment, psychometrics, and simulation-based education.

Tanya Beran

Dr. Tanya Beran has two primary programs of research. The first is the application of robotics to pediatric pain management. The second research area is how healthcare professionals make decisions within team environments.  She has taught Research Design and Statistics courses as well as many courses in psychology.