As educators and scholars deeply engaged in the work of reconciliation, this session offers the opportunity for other educators and leaders to learn about the concept of reconciliatory pedagogy and how they might apply this transformative practice within their own scholarship (Brown, 2004; Poitras Pratt & Danyluk, 2017; Regan, 2010).



Yvonne Poitras Pratt

Yvonne Poitras Pratt (Métis) is Assistant Professor at Werklund School of Education. She teaches Indigenous Education along with other courses and, in 2016, she helped create a graduate program focused on reconciliation efforts. Her research interests include digital storytelling, critical service-learning, social justice, and the integration of arts in education.


Patricia Danyluk

Patricia Danyluk grew up in northern Manitoba where she spent the early part of her career working with remote First Nations and Métis communities. Patricia is currently the Director of Field Experience for the Community-based Bachelor of Education.


Solange Lalonde

Solange Lalonde is the Associate Director of Education for Rupertsland Institute. She has extensive experience in building educator capacity and creating relational space for Indigenous perspectives in educational programming. Solange is a graduate student at the University of Calgary completing her Masters in Education with a focus on Indigenous education.