This session engages participants in a visioning exercise using roundtable discussions on five topics from the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TI) Research Associate (RA) Program Lunch & Learns: self-studies, critical friends, formative feedback, ePortfolios, and students as partners. Participants will then map out possible means create such a program in their home units.



Rachel Braun

Rachel Braun is the Coordinator for the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning (TI) Research Associate (RA) Program. She engages RAs in professional development, self-study, and community building in ways that complement both RA and RA supervisor goals. Rachel is also a Masters student in the Department of Classics and Religion.


Galicia Blackman

Galicia – SoTL RA, Taylor Institute – has collaborated on diverse TI tasks in SoTL research: papers on cognitive development in adult learners, the peer review process in the SoTL, and students’ roles in SoTL research. The latter overlaps with her MA research on students in curriculum development.


Lisa Fedoruk

As an RA at the Taylor Institute, Lisa Fedoruk is developing a manual that outlines ethics of SoTL to support research processes in this field of study. She is a PhD candidate, Adult Learning, with a focus on research involving internationalization practices in higher education, and engagement in cross-cultural, professional development programs.


Chris Ostrowski

Chris – SoTL RA, Taylor Institute – studies learning spaces to enhance teaching and learning. He is a Learning Sciences PhD student of the Werklund School of Education. His research interests include postsecondary students with disabilities and designs to embrace diversity as a necessity of collaborative meaning making processes.


Janice Parker

Janice Parker is Editorial Manager of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, the ISSOTL journal. She is a PhD student in the Department of English whose research focuses on Medieval drama.


Judy Tran

Judy Tran is the Learning Technologies Coach for the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, and an undergraduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.