The integration between the social work field education and research has received little investigation. Our research aims to identify the critical components of an effective and sustainable Research Practicum (RP) model using online surveys of RP students and instructors. In this presentation we share the RP model, our findings and recommendations.



Sabeena Tariq

M.A., B.S.W. (to convocate in spring 2017) Student Research Assistant. Tariq’s research interests involve education and teaching methods. Sabeena completed a research practicum as part of her BSW program.


Christine Walsh

Ph.D. Professor, Associate Dean Research and Partnership,  Faculty of Social Work. Walsh’s research interests involve contributing to teaching and learning through advancing innovative methods for teaching research.


Liza Lorenzetti

Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. Field Coordinator, International and Community Development Specialization, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. Liza’s research interests related to teaching and learning include exploring and enhancing critical pedagogical approaches to social work education.