Students become more engaged when course material is relevant   for them. Opinion-based written assignments may increase their engagement and   subsequently their understanding of the lectures. The purpose of this session   is to describe how an assignment can result in higher quality work, fuller   engagement and connected learning.



Patricia Doyle-Baker

Dr. Doyle-Baker’s career framework is in 1) public health/ health education (Dr. PH), and 2) exercise physiology /sport science (M.Sc.) Her academic appointments model these disciplines with positions in the Faculties of Kinesiology and Environmental Design (adjunct-EVDS). Dr. DB’s research, teaching and presenting address wellness across the life span.


Eshleen Grewal

Eshleen is graduate student pursuing an M.Sc in Kinesiology (Exercise and Health Physiology specialization) under the supervision of Dr. Doyle-Baker.