Students are overwhelmed, anxious, and 18% have a mental health condition (National College Survey, 2013). A Mental Health Task Force was created on campus, but how does it relate to teaching? This workshop will share examples of activities instructors use to foster a culture of wellness in the classroom.



Haboun Bair

Haboun Bair is a Learning and Instructional Design Specialist with the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Her love for teaching and learning led to a seven year career in K-12 education, where she taught a wide range of students from multiple grades including primary, elementary, and junior high. Her interest in instructional design led to a Masters of Education (MEd) specializing in Learning Sciences which she completed at the University of Calgary.


Ivy Young

Ivy Young taught as a sessional instructor for seven years in the University of British Columbia’s MFA program. Currently an instructional designer for UCalgary Continuing Education, she is also a yoga teacher, registered massage therapist, and a participant in Rachael Crowder’s Contemplative Pedagogy Community of Practice.