Can I submit two proposals?

Yes, the lead author may submit two proposals.


How do I submit another proposal?
Once you’ve completed the process of submitting your first proposal, return to the “user home” page and begin the process again for the second proposal.


I can't see where to submit a proposal.
Click “my profile” in the top right corner, ensure you have checked off “author”. This will give you permission to submit a proposal.


How do two (or more) authors create an account?
Only one author can create an account, although the account information and password can be passed along to other authors in order to track the submission through the review process. Additional authors can be added to the proposal during the submission process.


Do I need to register for the conference before I submit a proposal?


If my proposal is accepted am I required to register for the conference?
Yes, all authors who attend the conference are required to register for the conference.


Are my co-authors required to register for the conference?
Yes, co-authors are required to register if they attend the conference.